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Education System 

Navigating the special education system can be a daunting task. As parents we are given reports, evaluations, notices and education plans. These documents are often written using terms that are unfamiliar and are difficult to understand. These documents provide the school's perspective but often fail to recognize your child's strengths or what you feel your child needs. 


The advocates who work with Parent Support Arizona understand the special education system, the terminology the schools use and can help you simplify the information so it is easier to understand and you can be informed and empowered while discussing your child's educational needs. They are dedicated, highly skilled and ready to help.

Developmental Disability System - "DDD" 

The Arizona Department of Economic Security, Division of Developmental Disabilities provides supports and services to more than 35,000 people with developmental disabilities and their families across the state of Arizona. 


DDD services for children and young adults may include specific skills training, behavioral health services, assistance with daily life activities, assistance with transition from school to work or respite (caregiver relief).  In addition, DDD provides case coordination and assists families with identifying and securing medically based services such as speech & language therapy, occupational therapy, music therapy and physical therapy. Many families find the process of qualifying for and maintaining DDD services to be very difficult.  If you are struggling to access these services, we can connect you with an advocate that can help.

Behavioral Health System

In Arizona, the state behavioral health system is managed under several Medicaid health insurance plans.  Navigating the complex behavioral health care system is one of the greatest barriers families face in obtaining behavioral health services for their children.  

The Arizona state behavioral health system is comprised of a wide network of community providers that serve children with emotional, behavioral or psychiatric needs.  These providers offer behavioral and physical health care, peer- and family-run services, crisis intervention and substance use and suicide prevention.

Meeting the behavioral health needs of children can be an emotional and often overwhelming endeavor.  If your child is struggling with emotional, behavioral or psychiatric challenges and you need support in understanding how to navigate the complex behavioral health system please contact us to be connected with an advocate that can help.

Complex Case Management

Parent Support Arizona assists families across all State systems.  For children with needs that transcend multiple systems it is important for families to understand the supports that each system can offer, and to learn how to best utilize these supports to meet their child's needs.  We have experience in all state systems and are ready to help your family with complex case management.  If you need help as you work to support your complex child please contact us today.




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