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Parent Support Arizona offers education and civil rights advocacy; connects families with local resources and supports families as they navigate the public education system, state developmental disability system and behavioral health system. Is your child struggling at school?  You do not have to go through this alone, let us help. If you would like to discuss your child's unique needs, please contact us to schedule an appointment.


Is Your Child Struggling? 

We can Help!

  • Helping families navigate the public school system

  • Reviewing evaluations, IEP's and Section 504 Plans

  • Advocating for children at IEP / Section 504 meetings

  • Helping you to stop bullying

  • Helping resolve disputes with the school district

  • Assisting families with DDD matters

  • Support in accessing the State behavioral health system

  • Assisting families with complex case coordination

  • Supporting families with gifted children

Our Focus Areas

  • System Navigation

  • Civil Rights Advocacy

  • Education Advocacy

  • Advocacy in the DDD System

  • Behavioral Health Advocacy

  • Complex Case Management

  • Parent Training

Contact Us Today

Parent Support Arizona Offers Quality Education Advocacy, Civil Rights Advocacy, Resources, and Support. Please Contact Us Today to Schedule a Consultation With a Member of Our Team.

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