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Parenting is a tough job, and for parents of special needs children, the stress they face while working to support their kids can sometimes seem almost unbearable.  These challenges can be overcome and your child can and will succeed.  Parent Support Arizona was founded on the belief that every child deserves an opportunity to reach their full potential.  We are here to walk this difficult path with you.  Here are some examples of our support services.


Parent Support Arizona was founded to provide advocacy, resources and support to families across the state of Arizona.  We recognize that to fulfill this mission we must equip and empower parents to advocate for their children. 


We offer free parent training programs on a variety of topics statewide.  If you are interested in attending a training or would like to host a training for other parents or professionals please click on the contact us link below. 


The advocates at Parent Support Arizona understand the challenges you face in parenting a special needs child.  They also recognize the strength that comes from receiving support and providing support to other parents who are on a similar journey.   If you are interested in joining a support group or forming a new support group, please contact us.

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