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About Us

Raising a special needs child can be very challenging, and often the biggest challenge parent's face is learning how to identify what supports your child needs.  Is your child struggling?  Are you feeling drained or discouraged? At Parent Support Arizona, we have walked in your shoes and know the challenges you are facing. 

We are committed to providing your family the resources, support and connection to advocacy you need to ensure that your child can excel at home, in school and in the community. You do not have to walk this path alone.  

David's Story

My name is David Jefferson and I am a father of five children, each who has their own unique strengths and special needs.  Several years ago, I began my journey in advocacy, because as a Parent of special needs children, I understand and appreciate all the difficulties involved in caring for a child with exceptionality.

Every week I talk to families who have questions or are seeking support because they have concerns with their child’s progress in school, in the community or at home.  

It is my hope that through Parent Support Arizona, families across Arizona will find the support they need to better advocate for their children.  I know firsthand that Raising special needs children can be overwhelming.  You do not have to walk this path alone.  If you need support for your child, please contact us, we are here to help.

David Jefferson

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